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My adventures in selling art. Kinda like running in to the woods and getting lost.

So, I made a conscious decision to start selling art and making art about month and a half ago. I actually wanted to make an effort to see if I could sell art. I have always felt a bit protective about selling pieces as I must admit, I am a bit of a horder. Though, this time I am discovering the joys of actually producing art that I enjoy, that others find joy in too. So far in my selling journey I have sold two pieces, which one of them was a commission. As a start, I feel that this is a positive step and seeing people get excited about my work, is the best feeling. I have recently started a full time position in the past month and had to have my art put on hold while I put the whole of my energy in learning my new job, though I am starting to get a bit more settled, I can start thinking more about what type of art I now want to create. So below are two photos of the art I have sold, and I hope the adopted paintings are snuggling in their new homes well. :)

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