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Time for another year.

So, i haven't posted in a while as life has overtaken a little bit. I haven't created much art, but been focusing on finding a new job. Which is very slow at this time of year. Hopefully it will start rolling so i can finally move forward. I was thinking about resolutions for the new year. And everyone's favourite is to lose weight. I feel like, i have gained a bit recently out of stress eating and not really looking after my body as much as i should. So, in 2019 I need to make sure that i will look after my body alot better. Which means eating the right food and taking medication every day. Which i have been very bad at recently. I know if i do this, that i will start to feel better with myself.

I think in the new year, the main thing i would like to do. Is make sure to put myself first for once, i want to pick the right decisions, where i know that i will be alot happier. One of these, is to hopefully find a full time job and move out of the place i currently rent. To somewhere, where they accept cats, slightly smaller and on my own. I think this will help my sense of wellbeing for the future.

Other things that i would like to do, would be the more general things, like making sure i do more art, and continue creating. I just thought of something else that i would like to achieve for next year, and that is to make sure that i get to go out more and have fun with friends. I want to have year with friends and enjoy my life :)

This past half a year hasn't been the most positive of times, so i am hoping nice things come out of 2019. I have big expectations so i hope it can deliver!

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year and if you have any plans for 2019, please share them with me :)

Much love, Amy xx

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